Sunday, January 29, 2012

All sorts of work

Short break from blogging as I was a part of the real world these past few days. Between working out, running, homework and real work, I was able to fit in an awesome visit with my parents and have a bit of fun with friends too. Miles also had a big weekend. He spent his first night at ben's on Friday, and he did perfectly fine. The most stressful part seemed to be the car ride which brought on lots of squeaking. He was a happy camper though with a new place to explore. Ben and I have finally eaten/given away all of our leftovers which means that tomorrow is new recipe night. We're going to be trying a lighter version of sesame chicken. I'm pretty excited. I think we're also going to be trying out the wok this week.

In running news, we have discovered our love for the treadmill. It's been a bit chilly lately and the park is about a 10 minute drive away so we've been walking up to my apartment complex's gym. No one is ever there an the equipment is really great. We've also decided to add swimming into our weekly routine, thanks to my mama for bringing me my suit! Of course when we attempted to swim today, the pool was closed. Bummer central. But we sat in the sauna for a bit so the trip wasn't a complete waste.

We ended the night doing homework and planning our schedules for the week. Sincerely hoping this week goes by fast. Not sure Miles could take another hectic week. He's obviously really stressed about life.

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