Sunday, January 8, 2012

reading, thrifting, targeting... what more could a girl ask for

Although the weather was dreary today, it still managed to become one of the best days of my break thus far. 

I got about a quarter of the way into a great book - "The Book of Lost Things".  Picked up two awesome frames and a pair of new shoes from my favorite thrift store.  Watched "My Cat From Hell", which gave me a lot of great ideas as to how to make Miles feel the most comfortable when we move back to the apartment.  Wandered around Target looking at all of the clearance items and hoping to find kitty friendly things, unfortunately we were unable to find any Miles appropriate as well as checking account appropriate items.  We ended the night by eating frosties and fries while watching Scrubs.  Now I am once again curled up with Mr. Miles trying to decide whether I should read more or once again watch "How I Met Your Mother".  

Such a tough life I lead...

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