Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home inspiration: Kitchen

So now that I am a college graduate and am starting to feel like a big kid, I've begun to think about houses. I currently rearrange the furniture in the apartment about once a week.  I'm a little afraid of what I will be like once we get a real house!  I am dying to buy a house and decorate, unfortunately that dream is a little farther off than I would like to think about.  However, while I am waiting for my big girl house, I have been planning out my favorite room - the kitchen.  I love being in the kitchen and trying out a new recipe or making a complete mess.  I have recently begun a collection of dessert plates, coffee mugs, and my favorite and largest collection - Pyrex.  My dream kitchen will have to have tons of storage for all of my pretty finds.

Here are some of the kitchens that inspire me and make me incredibly jealous:

The natural light here is ridiculous!
Via The Fab Web (unsure if this is the original source)

I love the idea of open shelving to display pretty pieces.  My Pyrex collection is growing so this is a must.
Via Flickr

Yellow is my current favorite color and combined with the white cabinets makes this kitchen so cheery!
Via Design Sponge - Katie Graham

I definitely want a mostly white kitchen, with punches of color.  There's that open shelving that I love!
Via Glitter Guide - Heidi Merrick

There will certainly be more inspiring kitchens to come!

What is your dream kitchen?
What's your favorite room in the house?  


  1. Hi Lizzie,

    Just came across your lovely blog via the link-up today.

    I was so pleased to find you, because it's not every day I find a blogger that isn't a newly wed with or without a baby or two.

    Good luck in the big world, I hope you get the job you're hoping for :)


  2. Okay so I accidentally posted ^ on the wrong page, but oh well, I have more to say.

    I actually love the first kitchen you posted and have seen it many times on Pinterest, it's gorgeous! Though I'm 17, homes have been on my mind for quite some time. I look forward to growing up and having to opportunity to decorate it.

    1. Haha, it's all good :)

      I'm glad you've found my blog as well! It is tough to find non-mommy bloggers!
      I am in love with the first kitchen and my dream kitchen will have to have that many windows!

      Thanks for stopping by!