Friday, January 4, 2013


It's that time of year again. I have a few resolutions this year that I'm hoping to keep!

1. Worry less - big problem of mine, 2013 is going to be about worrying less and enjoying what's around me.

2. Run more - Ben and I did such a good job last year running pretty regularly.  I am hoping that we can get back into that habit.  I know one of Ben's resolutions is to run everyday, seeing as tomorrow is the 4th and he has yet to go running, it's not looking too good.

3.  Try one new recipe a week - Student teaching got the best of me this past semester and I rarely had time for new recipes, let alone cooking.  This year I hope to fill a recipe book completely with new and exciting dishes.

4. Disconnect more - I love all of the social networks we have now, but I am well aware I need to disconnect sometimes.

5. Organize - I wish I could narrow this down to something like "organize my closet", but there's room for organization improvement in every aspect of my life.

6. Blog more - In case you haven't noticed, I am not super good at remembering to blog or that I have a blog.  I am hoping that with more time on my hands I'll be better able to keep up with it.


8. De-clutter - This goes right along with the organizing.  I am afraid that I might end up a hoarder.  I'm the girl that can't pass up Pyrex at a thrift store, knowing the entire time that I will never bake 10 casseroles at once.

9. Create more - This break I have had about 4 projects going at once, and I have LOVED it.  While this might not be feasible once I get back to work, I would like to keep projects going.

10. Travel - Even if only for a day, I need to get out there and experience a bit more than my small town.

So there are my 2013 resolutions, in no particular order. I am looking forward to everything 2013 has to offer.  I can't say it has started out the best, but I am keeping a positive attitude!

What are your resolutions for the new year?

- Elizabeth

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