Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thrift Thursday: Jackpot

Last week I thought I did pretty good, finding those cute little mugs.  Well this past weekend I hit the jackpot.  Ben and I headed out to our two favorite stores - Goodwill (favorite in any city) and Retails (proceeds go to the Statesboro Humane Society).  It took a bit of digging and hunting, but we came home with so many pretty things!

Here are our finds!

This is by far one of my favorite finds of the day.
I have been obsessed with loving the color yellow lately.  I think my obsession is really driven by the fact that I'm ready for spring and summer.  Yellow is just such a happy color, it always brightens my day to see a pop of yellow somewhere.  This gem was wrapped up, hiding under another beautiful afghan.  I would have loved to have gotten both, but the other was a bit out of my thrifting budget.

So how can you not just fall in love with these bowls?  They are so fun! I couldn't resist them, even though I have absolutely no need for a set of 7 new bowls.  I have plans for them though, I just have to wait a little bit to my plans into action! These were each just .69!

I was so surprised to find this plate!  It matches the mugs perfectly.  I then proceeded to check throughout the dish section, because I would LOVE to have a whole set of this china.  I love the little pattern.  It's so bright and cheery.  I looked it up online, and it seems like it'll be a bit expensive to invest in a whole set.  So for now, we are happy with our couple mugs and this great cookie tray!

In addition to all of these finds, I also picked up some thread and ribbon!  It was definitely a successful day of thrifting and I'm excited about many more trips in the near future. 


 Cookware and dishes are by far some of my favorite things to find.  What's your favorite item to find when thrifting?

- Lizzie

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  1. the colours in the knit afghan are gorgeous! such pretty yellows. and i do like the print on those bowls. love that the proceeds go to animal support. =)