Friday, January 6, 2012

resolutions and such

Here I am, once again, attempting to start a blog. I guess the starting of the blog isn't the hardest part, it's the actual maintaining and keeping up with the blog that messes me up. But 2012 is a whole new year, and perhaps I will be able to accomplish my goal of being a real blogger.

I of course have the same resolutions as half of the population - loose weight, eat healthier, and to become more active. When the world ends, I want to be looking good!

I also want to make one new dish every week. I got new cookware for Christmas, so it would really be a sin for me not to use all of it.

So as I begin this year, I hope that anyone who stumbles upon this blog will be entertained and hopefully I'll be intriguing enough for you to come back again.

Happy new year to all!

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