Sunday, January 15, 2012

squash, burns, and furry animals

So the spaghetti squash was pretty successful.  We ended up making an Asian inspired dinner, involving teriyaki beef and stir fry vegetables.  It was delicious! We also had a ton of leftover "noodles" that I am sure we will be eating up in the next few days.  I'm not sure how many servings are normally inside a spaghetti squash, but this one seemed to have endless amounts of "noodles".  I'm hoping I will be able to find a store that actually carries these somewhere down here in the near future... what I would really love is a farmer's market like the one back home.

The leftover shell of the squash.
The massive amount of noodles that came out of the squash. 

Spaghetti Squash is super easy to make by the way! Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees, poke a few holes in the squash and bake it for an hour.   Afterwards, slice it in two and scoop out all the goodies.  I did however manage to injure myself during this process, so be sure to watch out for hot pans, or you may end up with a pretty burn like mine.  

We think it looks a bit like an angry bull. 
Other than my burn the only other bit of excitement is Miles finally meeting Bruno, the rat terrier who also lives with us.  They certainly aren't best buds yet, but with only a few swats between the two, I would say their future is promising.

Little Man is really enjoying his naps next to the window.  

I hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend!

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