Monday, January 16, 2012

Chicken Rollatini

Tonight we conquered a new recipe! While on pinterest, which may I add is definitely an obsession of mine, I found this recipe for chicken rollatini.  Ben and I just recently made a stuffed chicken that was absolutely delicious so I was immediately intrigued by this recipe.  After taking a look in the pantry we realized we were going to have to head back out to the store to get a few more ingredients.  We made a few changes to the recipe , ditching the prosciutto, switching the mozarella for muenster cheese, and lastly adding in a few bell peppers.  We were originally going to add in some spinach, but I kind of forgot and by the time Ben reminded me, half of the chicken was rolled up.  So instead we had a nice spinach side salad.

Overall this recipe was super easy, just a quick breading of the chicken using olive oil and lemon and the base.  Rolling them up with some yummy veggies and cheese, and finally baking them for about 25 minutes at 450. To accompany our rollatini, we made some couscous along with peas, bell pepper, and onion.  Chicken Rollatini was quite the yummy dinner, and I didn't even burn myself... I will definitely consider this a success and be adding this to my recipe book. 

Tomorrow we're back to school.  Hoping this semester will go by smoothly.  

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