Thursday, January 12, 2012


So, we made our big trip to Statesboro today.  Miles, my kitten, was not a huge fan of the whole car idea.  He spent the majority of the time hiding underneath a wok and sleeping.  
For a short time, he was curled up on my pea coat... it was cute. The cutest was when he curled up between my back and the seat, unfortunately we weren't able to get a picture of the little man then.  The drive went by really quickly, with a short stop in Macon for some caffeine and gas.  The gas station was a bit rough as all Miles could do while I pumped the gas was look at me through the window and squeak. I don't think he knows how to meow just yet, all we've heard is this pitiful squeak that, while precious, also makes him sound like he is just crying.  Luckily the squeaking stopped once he found his wok hide-away.  We finally reached Statesboro around 5 and went to work putting everything away.  We made time for some spaghetti and a bit of TV.  Now we are all curled up enjoying being home.  Miles certainly doesn't seem to have a problem with his new digs.

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