Thursday, February 16, 2012

sore bones

So lately I've been really not in the mood to go running, as in I start to run and then just feel like giving up.  Today I was able to break through that and actually finish my run.  It wasn't the most amazing and I probably should have run longer, but I made it to my goal - 2 miles.  I'm hoping this weekend Ben and I will be able to do 3 - 4 miles together, it's easier when I have someone to run with.  I'm also hoping it won't be so cold this weekend.  Last weekend it was a difficult to get out and run with the fierce wind and almost freezing temperatures.
In other news, school is finally starting to pick up.  I'm working on my first lesson plan of the semester, so if you have any ideas on cause/effect and drawing conclusion lesson plans send them my way! I'm excited about getting back in the classroom and teaching.  I'm really just excited to be busy again.  It seems when I have downtime I always end up feeling super lazy and bored.  I think I'm more like my mom than I thought, she's never able to sit still, and I'm finding that I am the same way. I've been keeping to-do lists every week and it has been a real big help to make sure I get everything done.  It also makes me feel pretty good crossing stuff off, even if it just "turn in math assignment".  Speaking of assignments, I should get back to my work so that hopefully this weekend won't be too busy, school-wise that is.

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