Thursday, July 26, 2012

You can just call me Suzy Homemaker

Lately my work schedule has been 8-2 or 7-1, so today is a rare day that I'm scheduled to work 1- close.  And let me tell you I am taking full advantage of this relaxing time.  The gentleman is at work so it's just me and the kitten babies.  So far we've baked a loaf of bread, done the laundry (most of it anyways), and washed all of the leftover dishes.  I've been in a very "bakey" mood the past couple of days and it really makes me feel like I should have been born in the 50's!

The gentleman and I have been making smoothies every morning... the green monster actually! (It's good!) The recipe requires bananas, so we obviously stocked up on bananas, not realizing we were going to run out of yogurt and not be able to make smoothies for a few days.  Thus we had a massive pile of brown bananas yesterday.  Now, the only logical thing you can do with brown bananas is bake banana bread! To me, this is one of the easiest things to bake, other than box cakes of course! My sister gave me a recipe a few years ago and I've been a banana bread baking fiend since.

3-4 smushed/mashed bananas
No chocolate or strawberries this time, but still oh so delicious!
1 1/2 C all purpose flour
1 C sugar
1 beaten egg
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 tsp baking soda
1/3 C melted butter
Pinch of salt

1. Mix the butter into the bananas
2. Mix in sugar, egg, and vanilla
3. Sprinkle in baking soda and salt
4. Mix in flour
5. Put into a buttered pan and cook for one hour at 350

Sometimes I get a little bit crazy and add chocolate chips or strawberries, sometimes both!

I also always stock up on the easy muffin mixes, you know, the ones where all you have to add is milk or water.  We had a couple people over last night, so we also whipped up some mini blueberry muffins.

They're very yummy, and since they are so small, I don't feel quite so bad when I have two... or three!

My last baking adventure, was as I talked about earlier, my loaf of bread.  However now I'm not so sure you can really call it a loaf... perhaps more of a ball? I'll let you decide.

I got a fabulous recipe from Simply So Good for what she calls crusty bread.  It is also an incredibly easy bread to bake and only required four ingredients: flour, salt, water, and yeast! It's definitely my kind of recipe.  However if you are planning on making this bread, keep in mind that the dough has to rise for 12-18 hours!

We made the dough last night and set it aside until this morning when I got out our dutch oven and made a delicious loaf/ball of bread!

Very pleased with all of my baking adventures! I think my subconscious knew that starting next week I would have zero time for baking or anything exciting really.  Here's to hoping I can fit in a little bit more fun!

- Suzy Homemaker

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  1. Go get em Suzy Homemaker! Those are my favorite kind of days!

    Love, Nina