Saturday, August 4, 2012

a rainy day calls for some thrifting!

Truthfully, when we woke up it wasn't raining, nor did it look like it was going to rain.  However we still decided to head off to Savannah, because honestly we were very bored of Statesboro.  In just 40 minutes we found ourselves at the Savannah ReStore.  I'm sad to say it was not as amazing as the Statesboro ReStore.

Statesboro ReStore!
While I haven't been to the new location yet, our ReStore has a lot more of the things I'm interested in - cups, glasses, plates, pictures, etc.  If you are in need of a sink, the Savannah ReStore is definitely the place to go!   After a bit of a disappointment there, we headed to our favorite Goodwill in the area.  While not technically in Savannah, it's on Whitemarsh Island (I think that's the name) and has tons of treasures.  The Goodwill in downtown Savannah is far too picked over for us, so we normally skip over it.  I have put myself on a budget lately... I'm not allowed to buy things that are over $5 at thrift stores, unless there happens to be some magical piece of furniture!  Anyways I stuck to my budget and only bought one thing (shocking!) 

I'm in love!
Last night, while trying to find a project, I stumbled upon Vintage Sheet Blog.  I was immediately inspired to do something with the fabric I keep buying from thrift stores.  So today it was no surprise when I picked up this lovely curtain simply for the pattern on it.  I was very excited when I realized it was a curtain (I've been hunting for some!) It was definitely my lucky day, considering it was also half off - total of $1.50!  I hung it up immediately when we got back.  It took a little bit of rearrangement with the wind chime (didn't look so pretty hiding behind the curtain), but I'm happy with how it looks.

The kittens are also pretty fond of the new addition! 
Since we were out in the real world, we decided to hit up a few of our other favorite places - Target and Bass Pro.  Guess who's favorite is which... My apartment complex is right next to a pond, so the gentleman had to get a fishing pole.  I had to explore absolutely everything in Target, I miss it so much!  We left with a small juicer (not a fancy electric one), some clearance napkins that were too cute to leave behind, a new mouse for the kittens (we promised them we'd buy them something), a really cool knife that I'm in love with, and I got an earring and necklace set.  
They're super cute little orange roses!

Overall it was a very good day and I think we found a lot of goodies.  The only bad part is, now we have nothing to do tomorrow :(

How did you spend your Saturday?

- Lizzie


  1. I love thrifting. It's been so so long since I've been up for a full day of it. It takes some real energy! Those earrings are adorable!

    1. It definitely takes energy, and mostly patience! I get so frustrated when I don't find any treasures. Thanks, I definitely couldn't pass them up when I saw that with the necklace they were only $4.99! Gotta love Target!