Friday, August 3, 2012

sinfully delicious

^ That is how I would have to describe the cake the gentleman and I made this afternoon.  A banana pound cake that was oh so delicious we had to have two slices a piece.

We have a slight problem, where we buy lots of bananas and then forget about them until they are a not so delightful brown. Realizing that once again we had brown bananas, I headed to the internet to find some sort of recipe.  I stumbled upon this recipe - double banana pound cake.  The cake looked delicious and as I looked through the ingredients I realized we had almost everything.  Now I am not one to head out to the store for mace (had to look up what this was!) or banana liqueur (especially in a dry county) simply to use up two brown bananas.  So I decided to improvise.  We learned that mace is apparently the outer shell of nutmeg... cinnamon would be fine and for the banana liqueur, well the whipped chocolate vodka would work just the same right?  I did notice in the comments that others had substituted coconut rum as well, I'm pretty sure that this would definitely be a better solution, but we used what we had! 

Overall I would give our cake a 8/10.  It was delicious and moist, however I think next time I may splurge for the banana liqueur, just for a bit more bananay taste.  I think baking from scratch is one of our favorite things to do together, because we feel like real chefs!  I was especially happy because I got to use my new cake pan, my mixer, and my thrifted flower plates were just the right size for pieces of cake! I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who loves nanners! 

In other non-related news:  I cut hair today!

I feel like he is always in need of a haircut, yet he wont let anyone cut his hair except his parents! I'm pretty sure he said hes only been to an actual barber or hair cutting place twice in his life... ridiculous!  However with no trip home in the near future I refused to let him look so shaggy.  I'm truly shocked that he trusted me, but I think it turned out pretty well.  I think I may switch professions, shaving a whole head of hair is really fun!  He wants to give the kittens a shave next, but don't worry I am refusing to let this happen!

- Lizzie (the hair cutter!)

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  1. That cake looks delicious! And cutting boys' hair seems to run in the family!