Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm jumping on board the Friday's Letters train!

Dear Friday, I wish you felt more like Friday rather than Monday.  Dear Student Teaching Orientation, Why is it that I left feeling more confused than I went in? I thought it was supposed to clear things up, I am disappointed in you!  Dear Pizza, We've been together a long time, and while I adore you, I think we need some space.  You're too delicious and I can't resist you even though I know I should. Dear Kittens, You have been incredibly cute these past two days, keep it up, I'm going to need it next week! Dear Operation Move In, You suck, Statesboro is in total chaos thanks to all of the new freshmen.  I will not miss you when I am gone.  Dear Ben, I love you tons, even though you forget about the laundry. 

- Lizzie
(Later I'll share my recipe for delicious mini pizzas that you can't resist!)

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