Saturday, August 11, 2012

Once upon a time...

I felt like I had no more time for fun and it was incredibly sad.  It's Saturday, and I spent the majority of the day sitting at Einsteins.  Definitely not my ideal Saturday but at least I was getting paid.  Speaking of... guess who got a raise! I'm finally getting a little bit more than minimum wage.  I will be so happy when I get into the big girl world and have a real career rather than a part time job.  December can't come soon enough! 

I don't think it's necessarily the big girl job that I'm after (even though I can't wait to have my own classroom), it's more so the lack of multiple obligations.  Working at Einsteins isn't awful, but having to fit it around my school schedule is awful.  I will be so happy when I can go to school and get paid for it!  

I feel like this week has been extremely long, which I'm not complaining about at all!  With one week left of summer, I want every second to be filled with entertainment and fun.  We've obviously been getting into a little DIY fun, but we've also managed to fit in some less strenuous fun as well.  Last night we watched our Netflix movie - One Day, while pigging out on some Dominos Pizza!  The movie was a fabulous chick flick.  Of course I had to force the gentleman to watch it, but I think in the end he enjoyed it as well! The pizza was absolutely delicious, and since they're running the special where any pizza is half off, it was just the right price.  

Speaking of right price, let's talk about my new obsession with free samples.  They are completely the right price!  About a month ago, I saw a free sample for kitten food, so I applied to get one.  This week I got it in the mail.  I'm one of those people, that really loves getting things in the mail.  So of course, I was excited! So now,  I am hunting down every free sample possible - because they're free and because it means I'll get mail!

As I'm typing this up, I'm pretty ashamed to say I barely have any pictures from this week.  Which definitely means that I've been busy.  I'll do my very best this upcoming week to document my life better.  Just so you'll have a little bit more of something to view than my super cool non slip shoes at Einsteins!

Oh and always a treat... a picture of Monster Mash Miles, sleeping on the bed.  So handsome. 

Those are the only pictures from the past few days... how sad.  
We just made a peach cobbler so I will be sure to have more delicious pictures tomorrow!

- Lizzie


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