Friday, August 31, 2012

school, work, and then more school

That's pretty much been my life this past week.  I am so excited to actually have a bit of time to myself this weekend.  Maybe I'll be able to make a real blog post too!
The gentleman and I just ate some delicious pizza and we just put in the Neverending Story II.  Pretty pumped to watch it, we watched the first one last week and it was so good, as always :)

I'm also working on lesson plans for next week.  Which I'm pretty excited about, I'm teaching about the Underground Railroad and leading intervention groups - I've got some awesome games lined up for the kiddos! Of course, by kiddos, I really mean my fifth graders who would hate it if I called them kiddos.  But anyways back to that free time I mentioned, tomorrow we had big plans to visit the prettiest little stadium in America to cheer on those Eagles, but then we learned that I no longer get in for freezies. I was getting so excited about putting on my blue and gold dress and tailgating.  Of course I'm still planning on being completely true blue tomorrow, I just don't have the money to pay for a ticket - especially to a game that isn't that exciting.  I mean it's Jacksonville, I couldn't even tell you what their mascot is.

But anyways we have now decided to hit the road after I get off work tomorrow to Savannah.  It's only an hour away and filled with some of our favorite places.  I already know we'll be hitting up our favorite Goodwill, Petsmart, HomeGoods, and the WorldMarket!  We also plan on having a nice dinner to celebrate 2 years together :)

It's definitely not what we planned, but it's going to be an awesome day, I know it!
In other news, here's what our week has looked like according to my iPhone.
Monster Mash and I had some cuddle time!
Blu Bird laid around on his skateboard looking all kinds of fluffy!
Ben got me roses after a tough day at work last weekend :)
He also cooked me dinner pretty much every night this week
 because I have been disgustingly sick!

Miles laid around the house... not shocking

How's your week been going? Are you incredibly busy too?

-- Lizzie

PS: Happy September!!

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