Wednesday, August 1, 2012

so that's fifth grade...

Well, I had my first day of school!

It was pretty awesome.  Got to school around 7:00, which in order to do so meant I had to leave my house at about 6:45.  That is the best part about this semester, no more long drives out to who knows where!  The school where I am placed, is fabulous and all of the teachers are energetic and just fun.  It was a really different experience being there on the first day of school rather than just showing up a few weeks into the semester.  I was able to be there for all of the introductions and structure oriented aspects of teaching - rules, expectations, conduct codes, etc. I think this is definitely going to give me an advantage when I do start going everyday.  Speaking of that, I had somewhat planned to just start going already daily, but my teacher basically told me to enjoy summer while I could.  While I will enjoy this time off, I really can't wait to get started student teaching now.  I'm tired of being bored during the day.  Student teaching will give me more that enough stuff to do without a doubt.  All I can say is that I hope the rest of the school year goes just as smoothly as today!

Did you start school today?

- Lizzie

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