Friday, December 28, 2012

Seriously Pinterest?

Okay, so here I am at 2 am and unable to fall asleep.  Perhaps it has to do with the caffeine I had earlier.  Or the fact that I slept until 10.  Or maybe that I took a long nap while Ben watched Dr. Who.  Whatever the reason, I am now up and of course browsing through Pinterest.  Now I love Pinterest, but sometimes all I can ask is seriously?

I'd say about 50% of what I look at is home decor things - crafty home decor things.  I'm completely a DIY gal, not afraid to get my hands dirty.  However I am afraid of some people's taste.  Here are just a few things that make me question society today.

1. Holiday decorations:  Well if you want the whole neighborhood to think that you have invested in an extremely large loofah this is the perfect fit for you.  I really don't see the appeal in this, other than it probably takes 3 minutes to make. From personal experience though, I'd rather invest more time in something that I know will look nice rather than have a quick project that looks messy.

2. Shelving units: It boasts about being cheap and easy - no hammers, cutting, or anything! What they forget to mention is that this is a disaster waiting to happen.  It is just concrete blocks and wood stacked together, so what happens if someone knocks into it - there's nothing holding it together! I did try to find the tutorial but alas, it only leads to the picture.  Which means gung-ho DIYers are putting their own death traps together across the world.

3. Artwork: There just aren't any words for this.

4. Fashion: I'm not the most up to date on all of the fashion trends, but I like to think I can tell when someone has taken it a bit too far.  I'm just having a hard time understanding where you might wear your new fun collar...

Now, this is completely my opinion, I don't mean to offend or hurt anyone's feelings.  I can't say I'm the most stylish or up to date gal out there, I do however know what I like.  If you'd like to see what I end up pinning feel free to check out my Pinterest here.  If I can keep this whole blog thing running, which really odds are slim, I think I'll do a Seriously Pinterest weekly :)

What do you find the worst on Pinterest?

- Elizabeth

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