Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to...

a corner of my home!
My home is more of a tiny apartment with too much stuff jammed in, but I love it all the same.  One particular area I love is my "office" or really my desk area.  For Christmas, Ben got me a sewing machine, which meant I had to find a space for it in my already teeny tiny desk area.  I moved some things around and viola! I now have a perfect desk area.  

One of my favorite aspects of this little area is that it has tons of storage space.  The two side drawers hold my t-shirts and shorts. In the future, when I have a bit more space for an actual dresser, I plan on filling them to the brim with art supplies and office supplies - pretty sure the paper doesn't enjoy being tucked away under the bed.  The center piece was originally supposed to be a TV stand, but the TV looked a little silly there and Ben eventually helped me to mount it to the wall.  All three pieces are covered in maps - some printed off the internet and some bought.  Overall it adds a lot of color to the area, which I love!  

My newest love for this area is the little desk organizer that we built. Recently while browsing etsy, I saw a gorgeous desk organizer that I just had to have... too bad it was $175.  Not really in my budget to organize my scissors and pencils.  We decided that we could make something similar and set off to Lowe's to purchase our supplies.  Now I'm not the most patient person, anyone can tell you that.  When I realized we were going to have to glue multiple pieces of wood together and let them sit before we got to the fun stuff... I was not pleased.  So I decided I would make one out of square dowels (are they still called dowels if they're square?) It was an interesting adventure trying to put it together and make it work, but the end result is just what I wanted!

So there is a tiny corner of my home.  Hopefully with this new space I'll get to work on finding a job!

- Elizabeth

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