Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hanging out this weekend...

Recently I followed a DIY from A Beautiful Mess to make magnetic spice jars.  Ours were previously on the wall, taking up a good bit of space.  They are now happy little spice jars hanging out on the fridge - hanging out with another DIY project from A Beautiful Mess - an instagram calendar! With all of our new wall space we wanted to hang our pots up - giving us a bit more cabinet space, which we always need in our teeny tiny kitchen!  
We started out with an old shelf from goodwill - let's just say it didn't turn out pretty.... We were frustrated and ready to just stick some nails in the wall and hang the dang pots up.  Then I remembered we had some pallet wood left over from a previous project.  
We worked out a design and got to work!

1. We attached our pieces of wood together using L-brackets.  This was pretty easy, however I'm not sure our neighbors enjoyed the sound of drilling.  2. We added masonry nails, because they looked cool, for the pots to hang on. 3. We used drywall anchors and a level to make sure our pots would be hanging secure and correctly. 4. We hung them up!  

We are super happy with the end result and all of our new cabinet space!  The food processor and blender have room to breathe!  I am hoping that wherever we end up next, we will be able to find a space for this great piece.  It fits our style perfectly and matches a ton of our furniture already - we like old wood! Plus aren't my pots and pans great? I love Paula Deen Cookware! 

Did you finish any project this weekend?
- Elizabeth

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