Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday : Cats!

Ok, so I'm a cat person.  I very much appreciate the fact that all I have to do for my boys is fill their bowl every now and then and clean the litterbox.  Dogs are a bit too much work for me, right now in life at least.
I have a big problem with buying things for my cats though - as in those toys at the dollar store - they're only a dollar! However, dollars add up, and the cats can't play with a thousand toys at one time.  It doesn't really stop me though.  I am always dreaming up fabulous things for them to play with or having to stop myself from picking up that new collar.

I mean really, how could you not spoil these handsome boys!
Miles is the orange kitty striking his best pose, while Blu is the black kitty awaiting a treat!

Here are just a few things this week that I've been wanting for my spoiled rotten boys.

These toys are amazing.  I bought the carrot one, for Miles' birthday back in October.  Honestly they pull this toy out every night.  I am continuously picking it up and putting it back in their box.  I really like to see which ones they pull back out while we're asleep.  This isn't a bad price so I'll probably use some of my Petco Pals rewards and order this bad boy today. 

I think these are the coolest shelves!  Ben and I have serious plans to build some of our own in  the next place, considering these are waaaaaay out of our price range. 

This is definitely something Ben wants.  This harness would be great for taking the cats on a walk. - his dream, not mine. They're pretty inexpensive, but I haven't let him get one just yet, because really - are we those people that take their cats for walks?  We're already considered crazy by many of our friends for having two, lets not get crazier!
Ok, so I love the idea of giving them a fountain.  They are picky drinkers, in that they will NOT drink from a regular bowl. This makes me a bit anxious spending $30-40 on something they may not even like.  

With a real possibility of a move in our near future, I've been thinking about just how to get them to our next destination.   They are not good car riders.  This carrier would be perfect for flying with them.  Too bad I would need 2 and they're $100 a piece.   It's definitely something I will need to invest in. 

So there are the things I've been wanting.   I hope you don't believe I'm a crazy cat lady :)

Are your pets just as spoiled rotten as mine? 

- Lizzie

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