Thursday, March 7, 2013

Seriously Frontier?

So I've said it a few times and I'm going to say it again... I am still internetless :( how do people survive for long periods of time without the interwebz? I have now been a resident of Arizona for three weeks (wow!). I feel at this point I should be able to check my email from the comfort of my own home and not from my phone!

I had Frontier Internet back in the 'Boro, and they're service was never superb, but I got by. Here it's the customer service that I cannot get over. I'm sorry but why do I have to fax you something three times before you know what to do with it???

I'm sorry, I'm a bit frustrated. Luckily that's about the only thing that's frustrating in my new life! School is going great and I think the kids might like me and be terrified of me at the same time... So that's awesome! :) Next week is my spring break (woo hoo)! However what's more exciting than a week of laziness is a week of Ben! He  will be here in 10 days! I could not be more excited.
It's tough being so far away from him, especially trying to Skype using my phone... Not the best!

Well there's a pretty boring and terribly random post for you.  Maybe I'll plan things out one day!
Please keep me in your prayers to the interwebz gods... This is serious business folks!

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