Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's my age again?

So it's my birthday!
It was basically like a normal day except my phone kept buzzing thanks to all of the facebook love I received.  I was able to capture a pretty somewhat sunset on my way home tonight... after a volleyball game (more on that later).

I may miss home every now and then, but I sure love my new home. There's so much exploring to do it's ridiculous! I can't wait for longer days and a certain Benjamin to arrive.  My days will be filled with hiking and delicious dehydrated food! I guess I'll have to work a bit here and there :) 

Enough about how much of a fan I am of my new digs, I played volleyball tonight... inside.  I don't know about you, but my high school didn't have sports and the only volleyball I have ever played has been on Tybee Island beach and there were old women in thongs and homeless men around, so this was a new experience. I've decided I'm not very good at volleyball, but I'm also not horrible.  What I'm most interested in is the fact that there are other sports, sports I actually have experience in. When Ben get's here I am going to convince him to play softball with me and find an ultimate league, because I miss intramural sports and I miss my frisbee boys.  Oh man, on the hunt for some old intramural pictures I found myself in the middle of memory lane.  Somehow I have managed to basically lose touch with almost everyone I spent junior and senior year with, makes me sad.  I'll have to work on trying to see them sometime. Might be a bit tough, since they are ALL on the east coast, but it will have to happen.

Now I will leave you with this, because seriously I had to.  I'm 23 now, isn't it the law to post this song on some sort of social media on your birthday.

Hope you all still like me even though I'm 23.

How do you celebrate your birthday?

- Liz

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