Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday: Teacher

So as I've begun to really make myself at home in my classroom I've found a few things that I could really use everyday in my classroom.  I would bet money they aren't things all teachers need, but they're the silly things that I wish I had.

Highly doubt this is on every teacher's wishlist, but for a girl with two tattoos, it is at the top! This tattoo concealer would be rather useful on days when it's hot and I want to not wear a everyday here in Arizona.  My tattoos aren't inappropriate by any means but it's against dress code and I try my best to keep them all covered up. 
Who would have realized it was so hot in Arizona already. hah. I am in dire need of school appropriate shorts, well really just shorts other than running shorts. These are from Gap and I love that I can get them in just a ton of colors.  Too bad they're $40 a pair.  I think I'll be visiting the outlet gap when I pick Nina up from Vegas.

Ok, this may be odd.  I want small desks.  My kids do not need all of that space to spread their junk on.  It just makes them messier! Obviously this isn't something I would ever buy myself, ever, but hey a wishlist can be a little ridiculous sometimes right?

Arizona water tastes bad. I thought Statesboro water was bad, but this is a whole new level.  Ben couldn't stand it while he was out here so he bought me one of those pitcher filtered things.  Now if only I could convince him that I need one for the faucet in my classroom.

Ok, I'm done with all of my silly wishing.  Except the tattoo stuff and shorts are not a joke.  I will have to do some investing in the near future.  I mean no offense to anyone who appreciates the large desks and incredibly minerally (definitely not a real word) water, they're just not my taste I guess.

What are you wishing for on this Wednesday? Probably something a lot cooler that a water purifier!

- Liz

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