Saturday, April 6, 2013


I am currently spending all of my money on delicious food! :)

THANKFUL FOR //  The weekend.  This was a super busy week and it's leading up to a super busy next week.  I'm hoping that this weekend I will be able to have a bit of relaxing.  At least sleep in tomorrow!

WORKING ON //  Grading papers. 

THINKING ABOUT // Ben.  Thinking about picking Nina up, reminds me that that's where I dropped him off and then I get sad.  roughly 35 days until he graduates.  Now we just have to plan how he is going to get here after that.  

ANTICIPATING //  Nina! She will be here tomorrow!

READING //  My kid's writing papers.  Fun stuff. 

LISTENING TO // The kitties run around the house. 

WATCHING //  Nothing at the moment... I need a new series to get into. 

EATING //  Roast beef sandwich!

DRINKING // Water, once again. 

I'm hitting up some of the outlet stores in Vegas tomorrow, so hopefully I will have some finds to share! I have a 40% off coupon at the Gap Outlet when they're already doing a 30% off sale! I am so excited. 

What are you up to?

- Liz

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  1. William & I seriously live for outlet malls. They're the greatest. Especially my favorite, GAP! Have fun.