Monday, April 1, 2013

Things Arizona Should Have.1

Turner Field.

Today is a day that I really wish I was back home.  It's opening day today in Braves Country and I hate that I couldn't even watch the game to cheer them on.  I was the 10 year old girl with the battery powered radio that sat out in the front yard listening to every Braves game possible during the season.

I can still remember all the way back to 1995 when they won the World Series.  My dad was tomahawk chopping in our living room, and I'm pretty sure he ran out into the street screaming.  As if I didn't want to be at the opening game enough today, Georgia Southern's marching band was playing, which basically combines my two favorite teams to cheer on.  It'll be tough in the fall, not being able to visit the prettiest little stadium in America to cheer on the Eagles too.  Time to start saving some money.

It's interesting the things you start missing about home.  Baseball season wasn't too high on my list of things that I would miss, but now it's something that's making me wish for Atlanta traffic and summer nights spent chopping.  It also reminds me of Waffle House, which was already high on my list of "Things Arizona Should Have".

Oh Atlanta, how I miss you. Not enough to go back though. (at least just yet)!

- Liz

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