Friday, August 30, 2013

Finding the right spot...

So as you know about 7 months ago I moved to wild wild west.  Well, Ben followed me and we love our new life here in Arizona.   So when we got engaged, one of our biggest questions was do we have the wedding in our new home, or back in Georgia.

We ultimately decided it was more cost effective to have the wedding in Georgia, since that way we would most likely be the only ones flying in.  Then the hunt was on for the perfect wedding venue.  We knew we wanted to be married outside and we were very drawn to the idea of a rustic or southern wedding.  Since Georgia is, well Georgia, it wasn't tough to find a variety of outside venues and most of them were basically perfect... except for the price tag! Most of the venues were in between 4 and 6 thousand... completely out of our price range.  We literally spent an entire weekend researching different venues, trying to find one that fit our style and our price range.

We went back and forth between a state park, a barn, and a garden center for quite some time.  After a bit of researching and googling we decided against the state park due to weather concerns and the fact it was in the middle of nowhere. It was down to the Rock Barn and the Marietta Garden Center, both located in Marietta, GA.  After looking at every picture I possibly could on both venue's webpages and facebooks, I was definitely leaning more towards the barn.  So of course I asked my beautiful mom to go check them out for me.  She and my step dad went on a hunt and took tons of pictures.  After hearing their opinions and looking through the pictures we had found our venue.  We will be getting married at the Marietta Garden Center!

 It only cost $1000 to rent it out from 7:30 - 11:00, so it was definitely a steal! If all goes well with the weather, we will be able to get married under the gazebo and have a gorgeous wedding picnic.  If not, we still have a gorgeous inside area for all of our festivities.  This was definitely the hardest part of planning so far and I am so happy to have everything set in stone.  Now it's on to the more exciting things, like our invitations and decorations!

Here's to happy wedding planning!
- Liz

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