Monday, October 28, 2013

Who knew...

That picking out a wedding dress would be the easiest choice ever, while picking out bridesmaid dresses would be a nightmare.  I found my dress on etsy and fell in love in a second.  I ordered it the next day and when it came it fit like a dream, nothing needed to be done at all!

Bridesmaid dresses have been a whole other story.  I want to make sure my bridesmaids will wear the dress again and actually like it, which is a bit tough when there are five ladies who don't all have the same style. There's quite a long facebook message where I went back and forth between quite a few dresses.  A few weeks ago I was pretty sure I had found the perfect dress to meet all of the requirements. So we ordered them! Just so you know one of my ladies is currently in France so we wanted to make sure this was the one!

Well the dresses showed up a few days ago and the sizes were all crazy.  As in 3 girls could only fit into a size 8 but they couldn't fit in the size 10... makes perfect sense right? We're now trying to figure out how best to make things work.  We're a bit worried about trying to return the dresses and having incorrect sizes sent once again.

Any idea as to how much alterations cost or a way to make an unzippable dress zip? Any advice is much appreciated, it's a pretty frustrating situation especially when i feel pretty darn useless all the way in Arizona!


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