Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First day of school!

Many of my friends are making facebook statuses about how this is their last first day of school, and I realized today that, I will never have a last first day of school.  I am entering my last semester where I will be taking classes.  As a teacher, I will always have a first day of school.  A lot of people would look at that as a huge negative, but I honestly can't wait.  Each first day of school from here on out will be the beginning of a new year where I get the privilege to teach young minds.  My first day back to school went pretty smoothly, as I only had one class.  It was however a three hour class and it's called "bootcamp".  It is pretty much to help me prepare for my placement in about 4 weeks.  Basically I will be in a 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade classroom within 50 miles of where I live.  During my time I will write 10 total lesson plans, 5 individually and 5 as part of a unit.  I will be teaching each one of these lessons to my students.  It's a bit nerve racking, but last semester I was able to plan and teach 5 lessons and come out with a 99, so I'm not going to worry myself too much.

After too long of a class Ben and I went to the local park for a run.  Last semester we got into the habit of going 6 days of week, but then we missed a few days and we went back to being lazy.  This semester has started off pretty well, we've gone running twice now! Hopefully we'll be able to keep it up and get into a bit better shape. Maybe I'll see if we can get into this routine to help us keep on track.  I also think I might cut out a few foods from at least my diet... red meat, some dairy products, and definitely decrease the intake of salt.  This isn't just about losing a few pounds, it's more about being healthy and feeling good about myself.  I am making a lifestyle change.

About two seconds before he decided that
my shoulder was a better nap spot... he's a little parrot. 
 Monster Mash (Miles) spent probably the longest time by himself today in a while, and I could tell when I got home that he missed me.

Unfortunately no new adventures in the kitchen tonight, we've got way too many leftovers right now.  There might be a late night popcorn adventure though!

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