Monday, July 30, 2012

Lazy weekend

So here's how my weekend started. A delicious Saturday breakfast of fried egg, homemade bread, turkey bacon and fresh fruit.  It was delicious and a fabulous start to the weekend.  By the way this was all done before 9 am.  We were very impressed by how early our day started.  In fact, by noon, be had completed all of our errands and were kind of bored.

Now, when I say errands, many people may think of grocery shopping or things of that nature.  Well, our errands consist of visiting the local thrift stores, garage sales, and lastly visiting the kittens at Petco.  It's pretty much the best kind of day for us.  I was actually able to pick up some awesome things at the thrift stores and yard sales.

Please disregard the washer and dryer to the left and the mini pantry we have and focus on the pretty new tray and cross-stitch under the clock.  I believe I paid a total of 2 dollars for both of them.  Here's a better look at each of them individually. 

How precious is this? 

I'm pretty much in love with all vintage and floral items so this tray is right up my alley.

I left with a few other goodies as well, a bright blue bunt pan, a small stain glass cardinal, a trivet, and a small print of a cardinal.  The gentleman is from St. Louis, so it is imperative that we incorporate a few cardinals into our decor. Both are now hanging above our bed with some of our other bird prints.  The gentleman picked up a drafting triangle for the total of 25 cents, which he is very pleased with.  Overall it was a fabulous Saturday.  Our Sunday was very similar, however we actually bought some brand new things!  We picked up a copy of Children of the Mind, the next book in the Ender series.  My favorite purchase of the day is definitely my new dress.  
Cannot wait to wear this!!!
While I may have bought the dress new, I certainly didn't pay full price.  This beautiful dress was a total of $10! I absolutely love the sale section.  It was definitely a wonderful weekend and I am sad to say it is over.   I'm down to my last two days of summer and of course the weather is gloomy.  I'm hoping that the gentleman and I will be able to have a bit of fun today despite the weather.

How's the weather where you are?

- Elizabeth

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