Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Well I definitely didn't expect to be writing another blog today, but I just finished a project and had to write about it... Yeah it's that exciting.  Before I get to that let me just say that I had the worst experience at Chick Fil-A today.  I'm pretty sure we waited in line for approximately 25 minutes... ridiculous.
That's not to say I didn't thoroughly enjoy my free chicken sandwich (love coupons) or side salad.   Now this is definitely not me supporting Chick Fil-A and their ideals... it is simply me supporting my own love for delicious chicken.  However I can now say that I won't be visiting that establishment for quite some time, at least not until they hire a more competent staff.  

Now onto the super exciting stuff!  
So a long, long time ago (maybe three months) I began to make one of those hoola hoop rugs.  Well let me tell you those things are not nearly as easy as they might appear.  Talk about time consuming.  I ended up making it about half of the size I really wanted to make.  So now what was I to do with this teeny tiny rug... well I had no idea so I just left it on the floor for a while.  It was a pleasant surprise to see that the kitten babies loved it.  They would sit on it at any time possible.  I then came up with the brilliant idea of making it into a cat hammock! The gentleman and I attached some strings and had it looking somewhat like a hammock.  However since the we were both moving soon, we decided to wait to hang it up.  So we got to the new apartments and it was time to hang it up! 
Except we decided to just hang it under the coffee table.  Which worked pretty well.  The cats loved it and we knew they were safe on it, considering it was pretty much touching the ground.  However I longed to have a true cat hammock, hanging from the ceiling.  So today we hung it up. Let's just say it didn't work as well hanging from the ceiling as it did from under the table.

Our once strong and sturdy hoola hoop was bending and breaking at every possible point.  It was awful and I feared for Miles' life the entire time he was in there.  I mean yes it worked and it might have stayed together, but I couldn't trust it with my babies' lives.  So off to Walmart we went to find a sturdier hoola hoop.  We were a little surprised with ourselves when we left the store with not another hoola hoop but a picture frame... minus the glass.  I got right to work tearing apart the old contraption and adding some support to the new picture frame.  
Using strips from and old t-shirt made
great and bouncy support for the hammock. 

Once the support was attached, I wrapped the hammock section/rug around the frame.  

After wrapping the hammock section around the frame we secured it with a few pieces of hemp.  Once secure, we added the hanging strips and hung it up.  It is awesome and Miles definitely loves it. So much so that Blu has not even had a chance to see it yet.  

Everyone here is very pleased with the new and improved cat hammock.  However I am beginning to wonder, are we those crazy cat people? 

- Elizabeth

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