Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday = random furniture redo... right?

So here is a picture of my living room, well a tiny portion of it at least.  I recently dyed my Ikea couch cover a bright yellow and have fallen in love.  What I am not in love with though, is how boring the chest looks compared to the bright yellow.  We found this chest in my basement and had plans to paint it at some point, but never got around to it.  With no work today and no plans it was time to paint!

1. I started off by using masking tape to create a funky design on top of the chest.  Painter's tape would have been much better, however I worked with what I had.  2. I picked out two fun colors - Anita's Metallic Antique Gold and Seafoam Green.  With my colors decided I started applying the paint to the different sections.  This took at least three coats of paint.  3. I added 2 layers of polyurethane.  *Each coat takes 2-4 hours to dry!

I am so happy with the final result! It adds just the bit of color I was looking for, plus the gold makes it seem a bit fancy!  I am currently waiting on the last coat of polyurethane to dry so I can put all of my junk back on the table! This was an incredibly easy DIY project to spruce up an old piece.  
Our MLK day was pretty boring other than this.  I did receive an exciting phone call today, but I am going to wait a bit longer to share!

Someone got a bit into the paint today... not naming any names here, but I do have pretty significant evidence as to who is the culprit. 

How did you spend your day?

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