Saturday, March 23, 2013


THANKFUL FOR //  The gorgeous weather today.  It's helping to cheer me up on what would be a pretty sad day. 

WORKING ON //  School work, as always.  We're preparing for the AIMS here and we're reviewing basically 24/7. 

THINKING ABOUT // Ben.  I dropped him off at 4:30 this morning in Las Vegas and I've been missing him since then.  I'm not sure exactly how many days until I'll see him again, so I'm sure he will be on my mind for the next two months or so pretty consistently. 

ANTICIPATING //  The arrival of a few birthday packages.  I've kind of gotten over my birthday in the past few years, but I'm always excited about getting packages in the mail!

READING //  Not too much lately. This past week I was pretty busy with Ben and adventures.  I've been reading a few blogs here and there but no books. 

LISTENING TO //  Twin Peaks.  I just started the series today, since I'm too tired to do anything but watch Netflix.  I'm only about 3 episodes in. but very intrigued. 

WATCHING //  Like I said above Twin Peaks.  

EATING //  Just finished off some leftover Mexican.  Not quite as healthy as I should be but I can never turn down Mexican food!

DRINKING // Water, as always.  Does that make me boring?

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