Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life lately.

So as most of you know, Ben was here last week.  It was amazing, and went by waaaaaay too quickly.  We spent the week cooking, hiking, and just being together.  It was so strange seeing him here, in my apartment, but so normal too.  It felt like we were just back in Statesboro and no time had passed at all.  I am so looking forward to May when he will be here permanently and there won't be anymore goodbyes.  I would love to share pictures with you of our adventures,  but I have somehow managed to misplace my camera cord and I only took two pictures on my phone all week. (Yes, I know I'm lame.)

Here's a picture of some ice cream we ate though.

We didn't have any clean bowls, so Ben, being the genius that he is, decided that we would just share a ginormous bowl of ice cream in one of my pyrex dishes. 

I have spent the remainder of my weekend moping about and eating a lot of peanut butter while watching Twin Peaks.  Only two weeks till Nina visits and just about 50 days till Ben.  

How was your weekend?

- Liz

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