Monday, March 18, 2013

Favorite Things: Ben

This guy is my best friend.  Want to know the best thing? He's here in my apartment! He chose to spend roughly $500 to spend his spring break with me.  He's amazing and I really don't want this week to end, but I do because that just means it's closer to when he's here full time. I can't wait.  Did I mention that he's just really great and perfect and I'm definitely not good enough for him.

We're spending the week adventuring through Bullhead City and trying to pack in as much fun and good food as we can into our short time together.  Most likely I won't be posting too much here, but don't fret I'll be sure to post pictures and stories once he's back on a flight and I'm back to be a lonely lady.

I hope your week is half as wonderful as I'm sure mine is going to be!

- Liz

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