Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh look I match!

So I am awful at mailing things.  AWFUL. One weekend I wrote my family all letters, it took me three weeks to send them.  I have been telling Ben that he had an Easter basket in the mail for a while now, so he should be on the look out.  I went and bought the stuff today... oops. 

Some might say I'm a bit crazy, but one of my favorite parts of my new home is that it has a Target.  You don't realize how much you love Target until you live in Statesboro for 2.5 years. Every time we would venture to Savannah a Target trip was a must.  Walmart is fine and everything, but it's not the same.  So back to story, I went to Target to grab some Easter supplies.  I was pretty sure he didn't want stuffed animals or all of the usual Easter items, strange right? So I headed to my absolute favorite sections - the clearance sections.  It's my favorite part of every store. I was able to pick him up a bunch of small things that I know he needs... mostly because they're things I took when I left.  

While browsing through all the lovely finds I came across some lamp shades.  (This is where the post gets really boring, because yes it is about lamp shades.) I am a sucker for a pretty lamp.  You would know that if you had been in my home where there are currently 5 lamps... my place is not that big ya'll.  This also leads me to be a sucker for a pretty lamp shade.  So I bought two very pretty shades and now I'm going to show you them, because they're pretty and they were $6 which is less than an ugly lamp shade. 
Yeah, you've probably seen them in Target yourself.  No biggy.  But I'm just excited because now I have MATCHING, somewhat, lamps!

Also other than my lamp shades matching, this happened:

He's very hard to photograph, being just a big ball of black fur.  My black shorts and t-shirt did not help the situation.  If you can't make it out, it's my little Blu-bird just cuddling away on my lap.  Love him. Makes me happy coming home to my sweet kitties. 

So that's my Thursday afternoon in a nutshell.  Oh the fire alarm also went off approximately 3 minutes before students are dismissed today. It was fun...

Do you search through clearance sections too? Where's your favorite store?

- Liz

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