Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday:Home

Alright here's the deal: I am in a brand new state, brand new city, and a brand new apartment.  I have old as dirt furniture, minus my bed, which my parents bought me like three months ago. I've been doing the best I can to re-vamp some of my furniture and while it's coming together nicely (you'll see the final results soon) It's a lot of work for furniture that I don't especially love.  It's made me long for an Ikea a bit closer that Pheonix, which is four hours away.

I figured I would share with you some of the pieces I would love to have in my new apartment.

Do I have a microwave? Yes.
But is it oversized and black and completely not match everything else in my kitchen... yes. 
I am in love with the color of this gorgeous console table from Target. 
Is it surprising that I want matching side tables for the living room as well?  These are only ten bucks a piece and I believe I might just have to buy them, because I'm a bit tired of mismatched stuff. 

Okay, so this isn't necessarily my dream nightstand.  But I would love to just have a pair of matching nightstands, and these would work just fine. 

I've been using my patio as a work area lately, and I'm not the cleanest worker.  I am in need of a cute rug to cover up some of my paint.  Plus concrete is too cold for my feet!

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