Thursday, March 14, 2013

Favorite Things: Bedroom

As I begin to really settle down here in Arizona and make my apartment my home, I figured I could share with you some of my favorite things that really make it a home.  Hope you enjoy these bits and pieces of my new life in the wild west!
If you were to come into my apartment, you would pretty much find a gallery wall... on every wall.  I am a huge collector of art and pretty things - primarily from thrift stores.  This is the small little gallery wall over my bed.  Obviously I'm a bit eclectic! The strange looking item in the top right is actually a piece of a root Ben and I collected on one of our many hikes. We always bring back a piece of nature wherever we go. Below the root is just a pretty picture I picked up at a yard sale in the 'Boro. Anything with nature will always capture my attention.  On the far right is a sailboat painting I picked up quite a while ago and just can't get over.  I absolutely love the frame and the yellow!  You'll find more of our nature finds in the shadow box.  Ben made this for me right before I left for AZ.  It contains tons of treasures from when we were lost in the Smoky Mountains.  Last but not least is what I think is supposed to be a candle tray, but I prefer to hand it on the wall! Ben's parents gave this to me a couple of Christmases ago and I just love it. 

As I said in a previous post, my kitties definitely make my apartment my home. Miles curls up here everyday and sleeps for Lord knows how long.  Blu, who was once afraid of the bed, overcame that fear last week.  All of a sudden he was this big tough kitty and the strange microfiber bed couldn't stop him from getting his cuddles in. 

These two nightstands are just a bit of the transformation that has occurred with the majority of my furniture.  I have plans, to strip and re-stain the lighter wood to match the cherry wood on the other nightstand. Well really I have plans to make Ben do that while I am at school next week.  I don't love the fact that they don't match, but for now I am happy with them.  Plus the semi-matching lamps that I basically stole from Target help to give an illusion that the room is semi put together. 

As I work to put together the rest of my apartment and make it a bit more "blog friendly" I will continue to share my favorite things. I am currently on the hunt for a large art piece, because my dining room is looking pretty bare.  I'm afraid I'd have to buy more nails to put up another gallery wall. :)

What are your favorite things in your room?

- Liz


  1. Those lamps are cool. I'm also planning on painting bedside drawers, which also means getting my man to do it! They'll end up about the colour of your lamps, when it happens........

    1. I absolutely love this color. I think ive maybe overdone it in my room with it, but that is a-okay with me!

  2. I love the colors! Very cheerful.