Sunday, December 16, 2012

oh hello blog...

Well it certainly appears that student teaching took up a good bit of my time this semester. Seeing as how my blog seems to have been a bit abandoned.
But, as of yesterday I am a college graduate and perhaps that will mean I have more time for the blogging world.  Speaking of graduation, I cannot believe that the semester has already come and gone.  It went by far too quickly for my liking.  I have been on the hunt for a job since about mid October, so please keep your fingers crossed.  Until I find that perfect job I get the pleasure of continuing to work at Einsteins and substituting.  Not the ideal situation, but it will keep the bills paid and kittens fed.  I am excited about the possibility of having some more free time in the future, more time for cuddles, cooking, and perhaps some blogging :)

My life for the past few months has pretty much consisted of school, school work, work, and a little bit of Ben time.  Here are the highlights:
They wait for me daily in the window. Sweet boys.
Blu loved our scarecrow!
Our Halloween decorations.
Statesboro Fair
We ate a LOT of junk food!
I made an awesome resume!
We cuddled.
Crosswords at work. 
We went to the Atlanta Zoo for Ben's birthday! 23!!
First full family road trip. 
Will Henry's on Thanksgiving night. 
We decorated for Christmas!
We dressed fancy!
I graduated!!!!!!

It has been a fun few months even if I thought I was going to die of sleep deprivation at times.  I am ready to take on the world now!

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